Exchange Technical Knowledge

Find Your Interests:

Identify and explore a Select Global Community that reflects your technology interests. Follow industry trends and advancement, continue your learning.

Learn Best Practices:

Actively participate in best practices needed to implement the latest technologies. Encourage open dialogue in an environment built for sharing ideas and perspectives.

Influence Change:

Engage in knowledge sharing initiatives that shape the development of industry standards and define the future. Collectively address challenges and find innovative solutions.

Global Online Business Development

Access an unmitigated worldwide network of contacts, maximise global opportunities - all at the simple click of a button.

Relevant Key Personnel

Enhance, strengthen and consistently build upon your business contacts.

Enhance Your Experience When Connecting With Your Peers


Belong to the only Professional Networking Online Community that focuses on the Energy Industry.

Effortless Support

Reach out to suppliers directly for support on their products.

Wider Scope of Communication

Direct Messaging, Webinars and Company / User Profile pages.

Promote Your Products

Establish long-lasting relationships with your customers in DMS Universe.

Once you list your products on DMS Universe you will immediately benefit from the following:

Unlimited Visibility

Showcase your products online globally 365 days a year, 24 hours a day with boundless exposure. Drive customers your way never missing a chance to close potential business opportunities.

Unparalleled Captive Audience

Target an unparalleled captive audience – with your unlimited and consistent visibility your customers will always be there.


The Service Provided Is Specifically Designed To Meet Your Needs


Live Webinars, Easy Streaming, Comprehensive Agendas, Acclaimed Speakers, Informative Presentations & Comprehensive Archives of Past Events.

Virtual Showrooms

Locate Agents, Showcase and Market Your Products.


Create Your Profile, Add Connections & Build Your Network.


Technical Groups & Procurement Groups.