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Getting the Most from Digital Communication in the Age of Digitalization and IIOT

Happening on 8th February 2023, at 11:00 AM ( GMT+4 )

About the webinar

DMS Global is delighted to announce that the Getting the Most from Digital Communication in the Age of Digitalization and IIOT will be held at on 8th February 2023.

Field instruments that support the HART communication protocol represent the largest quantity of devices installed in the process automation industry. For the near future, new instrument shipments will predominantly be HART-enabled.

While traditionally used for setup and configuration, HART technology provides a broad array of maintenance and diagnostic features that dramatically improve operational efficiency.+6

Coupling HART-IP enabled infrastructure with new device integration software technologies dramatically simplifies access to HART information and enables a new class of monitoring and optimisation features in traditional asset management systems as well as intra-web-based applications.

In this webinar, Phoenix Contact will explain how HART instruments can be connected for easy access to digital data. FieldComm Group will discuss why users need to begin asking for FDI Device Packages and FDI-enabled host software from their instrument and system suppliers so that they might get the greatest value from their HART instruments.

Demonstrations of commercially available products that support FDI from ABB, Emerson, and FlowServe will be part of the webinar.

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